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Managing your weight never tasted so good! New weight loss gummies,Visit us at booth E24 at Vitafoods 2018.
Nutrition is a trending topic for consumers today, but taste, convenience, and ease of use are also influencing purchasing decisions. With such demands from discerning consumers increase, and summer just around the corner, everybody is focused on getting their body in the best possible shape.
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What's Hot at VFE2018 Softigel by Procaps
At this moment, what´s moving market growth are basically 3 aspects: - Aging population, were we see each day that senior consumers do not want to be defined by their age and wish to maintain their same active Lifestyle. - The FITNESS move, with consumers who are in search of preventive measures, instead of reactive measures in order to avoid future health problems. - And SELF-CARE: Since consumers are everyday more concerned with their wellbeing, new and more specialized Supplements need to be developed.
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Innovation that leads to transformation: Join us during CPhI and live the Softigel experience!
Softigel by Procaps will be attending CPhi North America´s second edition once again, our team of experts will be delighted to sit with you, discuss mutual opportunities and live the Softigel experience.
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Gel Technologies (Unigel, Gummygels, Chewgels, gtabs, versagel)
At Softigel we offer much more than traditional softgels, including everything from a single unit dosage form, to multiple delivery systems in a single dose.
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Eidos Therapeutics raises $64m for transthyretin amyloidosis therapy
Eidos Therapeutics has completed $64m in Series B funding to support phase 2 clinical trials of AG10, a best-in-class therapy for transthyretin amyloidosis, and ongoing preparation for phase 3 clinical trials.
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Softgel Derivations
Twist-off Capsules A soft gelatin Soft gelatin capsules with twist-off caps enable access to a measured dose for topical and oral applications.
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Other Softigel Technology
Hard Gelatin Capsules: Capsules in which the shell is made up by two pieces: A body and a cap containing either a blend of powders or liquid fill formulations. The formulator is able to prepare products that have the desired release characteristics, a rapid, controlled or modified release. Hard capsules can be filled with formulations that have a wide range of physical properties, from dry solids to non-aqueous solutions.
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Softigel is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of different Omega-3 extracts from fish oils from the Pacific Ocean. Our cutting-edge molecular distillation facility allows us to create an expanded line of products rich in EPA and DHA. Softigel formulates, manufactures and markets exceptional Rx, supplement, and nutritional products containing Omega-3 to help prevent and alleviate some of today’s top health concerns.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy and Birth Control
The use of hormones in hormone replacement therapies, as well as in birth control, demands very strict control to guarantee the exact dosage and balance within the organism. With our specialized and dedicated facilities for handling these special substances, our human talent is constantly being trained to maintain the confidence in our pharmaceutical specialties produced under the highest standards and very controlled specifications.
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Lohmann Therapy System (LTS) - Transdermal Therapeutic Systems and Oral Thin Films
LTS is the market leader in alternative drug delivery systems, in the form of transdermal therapeutic systems and oral thin films. We develop and manufacture drug delivery systems that offer patients reliable therapeutic efficacy with total comfort and convenience.... Drug Research > Drug Delivery > Suppliers
Vetter Pharma International - High-Quality Aseptically Pre-Filled Injection Systems
From preclinical development through commercial supply.... Drug Research > Drug Delivery > Suppliers
Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD)
Patients Focused Medicine Development (PFMD) is an open, global and collaborative coalition of patient organisations and advocates, pharma and life sciences industry, HTA bodies, national advisory organisations and regulators. Their aim is to drive meaningful patient engagement by co-creating a standardised and globally adopted framework for patient engagement, so that patients' needs and priorities are at the core of medicines development and lifecycle. PFMD was established in 2015 and currently counts 24 members. Their 'Pledge to Patients' campaign encourages members of the medical community to commit to measurable actions to improve patient engagement.... Drug Research > Drug Delivery > Suppliers
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LTS Broschüre - Deutsche Version By Lohmann Therapy System
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Success starts with a vision. An idea that will make a difference. A goal you never lose sight of. At LTS, this goal has always been clear: To offer alternatives to patients who experience discomfort, swallowing difficulties or undesirable side effects caused by conventional dosage forms.... Drug Research > Drug Delivery > White Papers Vetter: A unique blend of expertise By Vetter Pharma International
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