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Marijuana receives Cannabinoid Medicinals global marketing rights

PBR Staff Writer Published 07 November 2012

Marijuana' s subsidiary Hemp has received a 20-year worldwide marketing rights to cannabinoid medicinals, which use proprietary system, sublingual delivery in the form of lozenge.

Under the contract, Hemp will have exclusive worldwide marketing rights for 3 years and non-exclusive marketing rights for 20 years to products derived from cannabis or hemp and containing THC and/or CBD.

The initial product that is expected to be part of the marketing contract would be a patent pending coconut oil based lozenge, which has been tested in Canada.

Marijuana president David Tobias said the company feels that the coconut based lozenge is a superior method of delivery.

''Furthermore, we can adjust the cannabinoid profile for our lozenges to provide a wide range of beneficial effects." Tobias added.

Marijuana CEO Bruce Perlowin said, "We are confident that our new lozenges represent the most acceptable and yet effective delivery system available, providing patients with safe, measured, doses of natural cannabis extracts."