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BioPartners - Developing Biologics, Delivering Patient Care

Established in 2000, Biopartners' aim is to be a leader in developing and commercialising innovative formulations and novel delivery systems of first-generation biopharmaceuticals for which there are substantial unmet medical/patients' needs.

Biopartners seeks to offer safe, efficacious and competitively priced biopharmaceutical therapies. Its product portfolio covers the fields of endocrinology, multiple sclerosis and virology.

With its head office located in Switzerland, and an affiliate located in Germany, Biopartners is building an international network through a series of collaborations and partnerships with leading development and service partners. Biopartners is in the process of negotiating commercial agreements with major companies for the distribution of products in all relevant markets.

Developing biopharmaceutical products in the fields of endocrinology, multiple sclerosis and virology

Biopartners is dedicated to improving quality of life through significant advancements in patient care. We are a dynamic and growing biopharmaceutical company, leading the development of biopharmaceutical products in the fields of endocrinology, multiple sclerosis and virology. Our comprehensive product portfolio consists of first-generation biopharmaceuticals with innovative-formulations or novel delivery systems.

Once-a-week human growth hormone treatment with an innovative prolonged release formulation

We are on track to be the first company to submit a prolonged-release formulation of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) which will cut the number of self-administered injections from once-a-day to once-a-week - a major breakthrough in hGH treatment.

Biopartners is owned by Bioton S.A, a dynamically-growing Polish biotechnology company, manufacturing clinically important drugs such as recombinant human insulin.

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