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VITLAB® - Competence in Labware

VITLAB® is a leading manufacturer of liquid handling equipment and plastic laboratory products and has distinguished itself as a specialist in the development and manufacture of high quality laboratory products made of a wide variety of plastics. Whether volume measuring, titration, dosing, pipetting, or saving and storing: The goal of our development is the creation of products which facilitate your daily lab tasks and deliver perfect results.

Liquid Handling devices

VITLAB® specialises in accurate dispensing, titration and pipetting, and offers a variety of precision instruments for Liquid Handling applications such as micropipettes, bottle-top dispensers, burettes, pipette controllers etc.


Volumetric instruments

Volumetric measurement is a routine operation in the laboratory. Therefore, volumetric instruments such as volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders and pipettes are standard equipment in each analytical laboratory. VITLAB has decades of experience in the development and production of laboratory products which are used to measure volumes.

Based on DIN 12681 - which incidentally was established through the initiation of VITLAB - VITLAB® was the first manufacturer to make Class A, conformity-certified measuring cylinders available in PMP plastic. VITLAB® guarantees that the measuring devices are calibrated in accordance with the German Calibration Regulations. The special manufacturing process, developed by VITLAB®, and the proven VITLAB® quality management system, ensure that the tightest tolerances for the adherence to measurement standards are maintained.

Laboratory products made of Fluorocarbon PFA

For all PFA products VITLAB® uses only high-purity PFA. The easy-to-clean surfaces without any memory effects complement the valuable attributes of PFA laboratory equipment for sampling, preparation and analysis in the field of elemental trace analysis. The selection of containers made of high-purity PFA is not only safer regarding the analysis, it is also economical due to the rationalization of laboratory processes.

Plastic products opaque

Light-sensitive substances require protection against light and particularly against the effects of UV light to ensure that they remain viable for a long time. VITLAB® has therefore developed and manufactured the world's first special pigmented plastic volumetric flask and reagent bottle that is opaque and can protect a sample against light.

The protection is equivalent to a sun protection factor of almost 20. Therefore, in the UV range from 280 nm and the upper visible range from 580 nm, the VITLAB® opaque volumetric flask and reagent bottles even clearly surpasses high-grade brown glass vessels. The superior level of break resistance and the light weight make VITLAB® opaque an attractive alternative to conventional laboratory products made of glass.

VITLAB® - synonymous with quality

Independent inspections and routine internal audits guarantee the effectiveness of VITLAB®'s quality management system throughout the company, from development to shipment. As a result, the phrase 'Made by VITLAB' has become synonymous with quality.


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