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Daily scientists in more than 35 countries are using products from Ritter Medical to achieve succesful results for clinical and biotechnological applications. Numerous laboratories with sensible instruments are equipped with corresponding disposables from Ritter Medical, but also customer demands for new products will be developed with competence and economic efficiency, from the initial idea up to mass production.

Reliable partner for your exigencies

Ritter´s success is based on the independence, as medium-sized, german and family-owned company with high quality standards, which makes Ritter Medical a reliable partner for your exigencies.

Please find enclosed some innovations of the new product range, offered by Ritter Medical:



Liquid handling

  • Ripette® Pro: Mechanical Dispenser for repeat dispensing operations
  • The world's lightest dispenser, easy to adjust for ergonomic dispensing
  • Ritips®:
    • Dispenser tips in 8 different sizes
    • Standard und bioclean (sterile)
  • Precise, accurate doses, reliable are well received, due to the high compatibility with the most common manual dispensers in the market
  • Ripette® genX - the electronic dispenser for accurate dosage
  • Ritips® Professional:
    • 9 newly designed tip sizes
    • User friendly and almost universally compatible with all dosage systems
  • For electronic dispenser: Ritips® professionals tips are outstanding for their precision and the reliabilty of the results

Ritter professional

Robotic consumables

Conductive tips are already at this stage essential for many robotic pipetting systems. When dipping into the liquid, the change of the resistance signalises to initiate the aspiration. This advoids that any air may be aspirated and the samples or the reagent may be gathered.

Ritter Medical offers necessary conductive tips in the sizes 300 µl and 1100µl for automated systems from Diasorin, Qiagen, Euroimmun, Rosys, Colobri or Dade Behring (Siemens). The conductive tips are available in compatible trays of 96 pieces which can be used without repacking.


In order to provide more customers the possibility to buy their individual demand of conductive tips with a short term delivery, Ritter offers also tips for Tecan instruments 4 different sizes (20ul, 50ul, 200ul and 1000ul) with or without filters.

Furthermore conductive tips for Hamilton robots (10ul, 50ul, 300ul and 1000ul) are available in blister-packaging and the 1200ul-tips for the Automate 2500 from Beckman Coulter (former OLA 2500 from Olympus).


For protein-crystallisation and Elisa-testing microtiter- and deepwellplates are under the registered band name riplate® in different sizes available. In order to ensure compatibility to the most common robotic systems, riplate® are manufactured in line with the SBS-format. Ritter`s range of robotic consumables will be completed by a unique range of PCR-plates, strips and tubes, which are suitable to many thermo-cyclers.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us under:
medical@ritter-online.de or have a look at: www.ritter-medical.de