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World leader in Spray Drying Technology

GEA Niro is a world leader in spray drying technology and has a long history of serving the pharmaceutical industry.

GEA Niro offers spray drying solutions, spray dryers as well as contract services for the complete development and product-life cycle, from the initial proof of concept tests to full-scale production of clinical trial materials and commercial products under cGMP conditions.

The benefits of pharmaceutical spray drying

  • Improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs
  • Obtain controlled release or taste masking
  • Produce fine powders for inhalation or other applications
  • Improved shelf-life/ease of handling
  • Drying and particle formation in a single step

Spray dryers for pharmaceutical compounds

GEA Niro's product range includes spray dryers for R&D as well as industrial-scale plants for continuous production of pharmaceutical compounds under cGMP conditions.

The expertise includes technology for processing APIs, excipients and final drug formulations by spray drying, agglomeration, encapsulation and spray congealing.

pic 4
 SDMicro R&D laboratory spray dryer.

At the GEA Niro test centre, test work, spray drying process development and contract manufacturing can be conducted. The test centre includes the GEA Niro pharma test station - one of the most prominent cGMP spray drying facilities in the industry. The pharma test station holds an ISO: 9001 certificate and is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency for production of clinical trial materials. Upon request, permission to produce commercial material can be obtained.

GEA Niro is part of GEA Process Engineering, a business segment of the GEA Group, which also includes GEA Pharma Systems.

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